• INTRACK, Connected Vehicles & Intelligent Mobility

    Intrack is Connected Vehicles & Intelligent Mobility Startup head quartered in Dubai severing the region most mission critical to solve their daily mobility challenges through IOT, M2M, Machine Learning & Deep Programming.
  • Automotive AI, Driving Behavior Analysis &  Prediction


    Automotive AI to analyse, predict and automate driving pattern through Internet of Thing (IOT), Machine to Machine (M2M), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Neural Networks (DNN).

    Utilizing artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, V2I, V2X, ADAS, ACC, LDA to make roads smoother by predicting patterns, assist driving by guiding, incentifying or eliminating drivers and control emissions by reducing engine hours while enhancing efficient millage.
  • Intelligent Vehicle Inspection System

    Artificial intelligent system to inspect vehicles autonomously for fleet operators, based on on AI and ML the 8 camera in the inspection station identify any physical damage to the vehicle, Compare between previous session for the same vehicle or other vehicles to identify common issues underdrainage, on the vehicle body or tires.
  • Passenger Economy
    In-vehicle Infotainment, Media & Location Based Advertisement

    Tapping into location based advertisement, In-vehicle Commerce, Integrated Mobility Service, Added value services

Working with

We have been working with our clients to optimize their fleet operations cost, increase the fleet efficiency, enhance safety and eliminate fraud

Regulated by

INBOUND LLC was one of the first companies that got regulated from Telecommunication Regulation Authority, Security Industry Regulation Agency, Road & Transport Authority in addition to Dubai Economic Department. 


Office 406, Crystal Tower, Next to M Hotel Downtown, Al Asayel Street, Burj Khalifa Area, 

Tel: +971 4 425 4057 , Fax: +971 4 338 4471, PO Box 88161, Dubai, United Arab Emirates