INBOUND LLC’s 2018’s Second-Half - Four ITS-Based Products Launched at GITEX Dubai

20.10.18 09:20 PM By Walied

INBOUND LLC’s 2018’s Second-Half - Four ITS-Based Products Launched at GITEX Dubai

INBOUND LLC, an intelligent transportation solution (ITS) leader and one of the first companies to get authorized from Security Industry Regulation Agency and Telecommunication Regulation Authority. INBOUND LLC showcased four ITS-based products focusing Smart Mobility and Transportation during the most significant annual technology trade show in the region ‘GITEX’ scheduled from 14th – 18th October 2018 at Dubai World Trade Center.

Since,a decade INBOUND LLC has been offering one-window ITS solutions that includes software, hardware, analysis and consultation. Aviation & passenger transportation, e-commerce, F&B, and logistics are a few industry grounds explored by the company. The company saw persistent growth over the years and collaborated with government and large corporate to offer an innovative solution to improve urban transportation radically.

The first half of 2018 witnessed a massive success at SMARTENTREPRENEUR competition held during ARAB NET DIGITAL (Smart Dubai, Dubai Chamber) in Dubai 2018. Moving forward, the second half of 2018 looks equally promising; INBOUND LLC is equipped to present itself in the forefront of the ITS industry at GITEX. Unquestionably, the future of mobility is at risk, and it will be discussed.

INBOUND LLC has unveiled four major ITS based products that are innovative, digital and technological and provide solutions to the transportation industry. Products are – 

•  Inspect – Inspect AI Vehicle Inspection, virtual inspection corridor for vehicle body & undercarriage,it allow virtual inspection for accidents and damages on the exterior part of the vehicles including oil leakage etc.

•  Infotain –Infotain based on simple plan “Better Navigation and entertainment”. Infotain will allow the customer to get connected with the vehicle as soon as their ride starts. Riders can enjoy the benefit of WI-FI to find the location of their destination, check routes and time required to reach the destination. The in-vehicle connectivity, Infotainment Content &Location Based Advertisement, makes rides flawless.

•  Insight – Insight is another product of INBOUND LLC group that delivers services like fleet intelligence dashboard, KPI monitoring, Operation /Financial analysis, future prediction, and so on, so forth utilizing latest technologies such as machine learning, automatic features generation, deep neural networks and artificial intelligence.

•  Intrack – Intrack enables users to track,monitor, and manage their fleet operations effortlessly. With Intrack option –users can monitor the amount of fuel; Review the driver’s profile & observe his/her behavior. Some other functions include verifying the number of goods dispatched; control the temperature; Check real-time traffic updates; calculate the expected time of arrival; Enjoy eco-driving and so on.

•  Intuitio – Intuitio product allows passengers to experience and enjoy a driverless/automated ride. Intuitio AI assists driving by guiding roads and through predicted patterns which are displayed on the screen using block-chain, IoT, V2I, V2X, ADAS, and ACC and soon. The product also controls emissions by reducing engine hours while enhancing efficient Mileage.

About INBOUND LLC Established in 2011, INBOUND LLC is the intelligent transportation solution provider that offers quality services to their clients concerning logistics, transportation and mobility challenges faced. As the leading connected vehicles provider in Dubai, INBOUND integrates on-board data with third-party sensors by utilizing ML, AI, and deep analysis.For more information, please visit